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For some, it may seem like all we have now is time…time to second guess or dwell on what we should and shouldn’t be doing during COVID-19. These questions can be exponentially more difficult to weigh and evaluate when your brand, business or job position is at stake. Knowing which digital marketing levers are at your disposal and how to use them can bring some sense of control especially for those who are truly impacted by Coronavirus. If you are the owner of a small business or at a company in one of the industries feeling the colossal weight of this crisis, digital marketing can engage your creative side and just may bring a glimmer of hope. Below, we dive into some of the key foundations of digital advertising and explore ways you can utilize these tools at your disposal.

1. Social Media

People are online more than ever despite the overwhelmed Internet connection. You don’t want to go radio silent during this COVID-19 period. Take the time to be present and endure the crisis along with your users. Post positive uplifting messages and images to encourage, motivate, educate and get them through Coronavirus. Share news, safety tips, and your commitment to your followers every day, as we all try to make sense of things together.

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2. Search Engine Optimization

Users will keep searching no matter what is going on in the world, and this is a way to get in front of them. Whether it is getting into the nuts and bolts of your site with keyword mapping, interlinking, meta tags, page load time, etc., or diving into content creation and backlinking, there are endless things you can do for your brand and site to help your indexing and searchability. Take control and embrace this project, especially if paid marketing efforts don’t feel right at the moment. If you aren’t doing SEO optimization, you are likely already behind your top competitor. It often is the secret sauce to success. Keep in mind, SEO takes a lot of time and requires patience — more patience than you might have for your immediate family at home! — but the payoff is undeniable especially when you start to rank in the top five search results.

3. Customer Data Analysis

Take the time to data-mine. Get back into your CRM data and take a solid look at your audience. You have the time to use it. You might discover an industry that you haven’t been targeting or a pattern of content dropoff. There are little golden nuggets of insights waiting to be discovered in your Salesforce/Hubspot or whichever CRM platform you utilize. Now is the time to dive into it. 

4. Email Marketing Campaigns

There is a very good reason why many recommend taking time to communicate phone/video chats every day to keep our sanity. We are social beings and communication is key, especially if we have to keep a distance. Fire back up the tried-and-true outreach of email marketing. We need to make sure our fellow humans are OK in this time of crisis, and can use email marketing as a way to keep up with current, lost or potential leads and check in on their well being. People are online and perpetually checking email/ news/ social platforms, hungry for any and all updates. Engage them and let them know what you are doing during this COVID-19 crisis. Are you giving back? Are you pivoting your product to somehow aid those in need? Keep the lines of communication wide open and nurture your audience with newsletters  — build trust in this time of uncertainty. Set yourself up for success long after COVID-19 passes.

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5. Social and Google Advertising

This will depend on the industry you are in, as the traffic has dramatically changed from COVID-19. We know pausing your ad campaigns seems like an immediate safeguard. But keeping campaigns turned on has its advantages, even if it means experimenting with the budget, bids, and creatives. It allows you to maintain a level of engagement with your core audience and enables you to continue to capture the attention of brand new users. Don’t forget the benefit of campaign learning. By letting the algorithm adjust and fine-tune, optimizations become more precise and granular, helping performance as a whole. Lastly, good old retargeting needs time to build up audiences. It will be infinitely easier to segway back into the paid digital world once we are beyond this strand of Coronavirus.

If, after reading through our list of tips, you still feel lost and overwhelmed or perhaps motivated and inspired, a digital marketing agency can help. As with anything in life, there are a lot of little pieces that go into every category referenced above, and having a seasoned expert to take on these tasks can be of major value. We are a performance marketing agency born and raised in California, all too familiar with the impact that COVID-19 has had on our state, but we know there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can help guide you and your brand through it.

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