A photo of a person searching for "Walnut Creek Digital Agency" and finding Single Origin Media on Google while using an iphone Xs Max


A photo of a person searching for "Walnut Creek Digital Agency" and finding Single Origin Media on Google while using an iphone Xs Max

AdWords & PPC

Recognized by Expertise.com as a top-10 paid search agency in San Francisco for 2019, our team has decades of experience managing AdWords and PPC. We consult with our clients around their unique industries, and craft high performing search campaigns specific to their product or service. By building your website’s relevancy and authority, we can improve your search result rankings significantly. You’ll see an increase in free, consistent, and organic traffic to your website.


One of the most common ways to find a business or information on the internet is by use of a search engine. Increasing your website’s rankings through SEO, or search engine optimization is vital in succeeding in the digital marketing space. By boosting your rankings and accruing authority through a series of strategic SEO methods, Single Origin ensures that your site becomes a trusted website that ranks high on the search results which increases traffic and brings you quality leads.

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

The average person spends 2.5 hours on social media every day. We can reach users through engaging and compelling content, helping increase awareness for your business. Whether you’re trying to reach a cold audience, or re-engage with an existing one, our team can craft ads and sequence campaigns to convert prospects into customers. Our proven 6-step process is applied to every one of our campaigns and is applicable for brands of all sizes.

YouTube & Display Video

Video content is a must for every digital strategy. Video is effective in conveying your business’ mission and offerings, and what you are trying to address in your market. We help develop a strategy, or optimize an existing video strategy, to drive users down your marketing funnel. There are several forms and types of videos that must be sequenced across each channel – from social media to YouTube. We will help you understand what video campaigns need to be tested and how to best optimize utilizing historical data + performance metrics.

Our Process

Partners & Integrations

We work with a variety of partners to ensure your campaigns run smoothly, and beautifully.

Let’s carve out a strategy just for you.