Case Study

DAVIDsTEA benefitted from a $3 CPA over the life of their campaigns.

Client Profile

Powered by Tea – Sourced globally.

DAVIDsTEA began in 2008. With their first store on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada, success came quickly and the store became a community fixture. Since then, DAVIDsTEA has over 200 stores in neighbourhoods and communities across Canada and the United States. DAVIDsTEA focuses on offering over 150 types of tea, including exclusive blends, limited edition seasonal collections, traditional straight teas and exotic infusions from around the globe. They also feature the largest collection of organic teas and infusions in North America.

Campaign Overview

Single Origin was tasked with recovering unconverted users and targeting them with promotions.

DAVIDsTEA tasked Single Origin with driving new users to the site in an effort to increase brand awareness and market share. The primary medium was through Google Display Advertising channels. This allowed our team to create campaigns to re-engage bounced visitors through product-specific ads in a full suite of sizes. Through various promotions and seasonal offerings, we were able to provide DAVIDsTEA with a comprehensive look into what campaigns and products performed best. We consulted with DAVIDsTEA’s in-house marketing team to determine highest traffic areas of the site and most popular product purchases. This data was used to develop multiple sets of creative from scratch that fit within the DAVIDsTEA brand, and A/B test ads with a frequency of 2-week long flights.

Campaign Results

Single Origin delivered over 6m impressions and a $3 CPA for the life of the campaign.

Over the course of the campaign lifespan, Single Origin successfully delivered over 6 million ad impressions to bounced visitors with an average CPA under $3. These impressions were focused directly on the US market, and fit key demographic data as requested by DAVIDsTEA. The campaigns resulted in an additional 4,000 repeat visits to their website with no additional channels involved.

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