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SEO, Paid Campaigns and a New Website catapulted Global Legal to almost double their conversions.

Client Profile

About Global Legal

Since 2008, Global Legal has specialized in electronic payments litigation, locally in California and the United States as well as across the world. Payments litigation is a very niche field in the legal world focusing mostly on complex litigation between ISOs, agents, processors, and card brands.

The firm represents entities at every level of payment processing, including merchants for contract review, reserve fund withholdings, and removal from the Mastercard’s MATCH list or Visa’s terminated merchant file.

Paid Media Results

Paid Campaigns saw a 270% increase in conversions over past vendors.

Through strategic consideration of the optimal terms to bid on, paired with closely monitored and optimized paid campaigns, Global Legal saw a 53% increase in consultation requests and a 177% increase in conversion rate, all while simultaneously seeing a 3% decrease in advertising spend over previous campaigns.

The search engine results for electronic payments litigation is an ultra niche, competitive space. There are a finite number of searches and firms bidding on these keywords – meaning higher costs per click. While paid media is great to generate traffic immediately, it comes at an extremely high cost. This is why we always run organic search optimization campaigns concurrently to mitigate those costs long-term.

Organic Keyword Results

Single Origin improved Global’s organic keyword rankings by 450%.

Through landing page optimization, and an improved tactical keyword strategy which was defined during our setup process, Single Origin was able to achieve incredible results. 

Our team of search strategists accomplished this rapid expansion of keyword rankings by optimizing technical aspects of Global Legal’s site, which included:

  • Improved Metadata and Header tags
  • New, SEO Optimized Blog Content
  • Content Adjustments throughout the Website

SEO Results

Single Origin optimized all website pages with high-value keywords for both organic and paid search.

Our targeted process for outreach to trade publications allowed us to build a strong backlink foundation for Global Legal in less than 6 months. Over half of all referring domains had a DA (Domain Authority) of 50+. This resulted in an increase of 22 additional contextually relevant backlinks. 

Through deep, thoughtful collaboration with Global Legal, we fully optimized all website pages with high-value keywords for both organic and paid search. This process yielded a 267% increase in Organic Consultation Requests.

Full Website Redesign

A brand new website design was the icing on the cake.

By merging SEO best practices, UI design, and industry experience, Single Origin was able to decrease bounce rate and see a 177% increase in conversion rate on-site. Additionally, performance was gained by optimizing technical aspects of Global Legal’s site, such as reorganizing site structure based on key lines business, creating 6 additional service pages, continued generation of new blog content, and technical speed optimizations to improve the site’s relationship with Google.

Single Origin’s ability to provide us with branding, websites and marketing materials, all of which have blown away our previous success metrics and revenue numbers, generating a 100% increase in new retainers. They have absolutely crushed it, and taken a huge burden off our team by crafting, managing, and executing on beautiful designs that continue to provide substantial positive return for us.

Jeremy S.
Chief Operating Officer

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