Case Study

A new brand created from scratch for RiskGenius.

RiskGenius – a brand from the ground up.

RiskGenius, started in 2014, is located in beautiful Kansas City. Aimed to improve the Insure-tech industry through their machine learning, RiskGenius provides an underwriting and policy comparison solution for insurance professionals.


Logo Inspiration

To start, the client provided us several logos which they felt were in the direction they wanted to go.

Color Study

From these inspiration logos, we identified the color palette which was common through these brands and what we felt would compliment them.

Logo ideation

In this phase, we begin to discover different shapes that could become the RiskGenius logo. We explored various ideas such as dice (representing risk), brain clouds (eluding to cloud based knowledge) and even a Rubik’s cube (representing problem solving).

Typeface exploration

Here, we begin the process of typeface exploration and logo generation. After presenting to the client, the highlighted logos moved on to the next round of designs.

Logo refinement

After moving away from the dice analogy, we moved towards a combination of the brain icon which represented knowledge, a talk bubble representing collaboration, and connected dots representing a network of solutions. In an effort to create the simplest logo possible, we settled on what we have as the final logo.


Using the primary colors of the logo as a starting point, we wanted to create a vibrant and friendly way to interface with the brand. Lots of clear space and bright pops of color create contrast while images and graphics have a positive and friendly nature to them.


At the foundation of our work with the RiskGenius team, was design and development of their software platform. From the beginning, we were inspired by the simplicity of Google Drive and other document management platforms. We wanted to create a tool that was extremely intuitive, simple and easy to learn for people who were converting from an analog process to a digital one for the first time.

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