Graphic Design

Scale your marketing with our graphic design team.

Why Graphic Design?

Focus on sales and retention while we handle your Graphic Design needs.

We offer a comprehensive suite of design services to help you build your brand from the ground up, or top down. Whether you need a small one off graphic for your blog, or a long term partner for continued graphic support, we can help. Whether it’s infographic design, pitch-decks, Powerpoint presentations, or collateral, we have the design chops to execute. Our team of creatives work directly with you and our Creative Director to ensure every project receives the polish it deserves.

Our Process

We’ve built a tight process to ensure repeatable, consistent success.

As with all of our solutions, we’ve found that having a tight process is just as important as providing high quality work. By having an optimized process, we’re able to provide consistent, repeatable results for our clients, from both a digital campaign and web design perspective. Our designers adhere to your brand’s tone and visual language, while executing on your behalf – all while providing transparency into where we are and project completion.

Types of Projects

We’ve got a few specialties but we’re always up for a unique challenge.

Ad Creative

Regardless of whether you run campaigns with Single Origin, we offer our full design capabilities a la carte. Leverage our decade in programatic advertising and benefit from our expansive knowledge of what works best with display creative. We have created tens of thousands of banner ads for clients and have seen substantial improvements with our ads over in-house units. We can help with one-off projects, or ongoing needs for your team.

Pitch Decks

Single Origin has helped raise tens of millions of dollars for startups over the last decade. Whether you’re approaching a Series A, Series B, or individual investors – we’ve got what it takes to help you maximize the effectiveness of your pitch deck. Work directly with our Creative Director to identify unique needs, your value props, and what type of messaging and graphic style you need. We’ll handle the execution while you focus on getting ready for the big meeting.


As an integral part of any successful digital strategy, evergreen content needs to look as good as it reads. Without enticing the individual to download, your white-paper may as well be a blog post. Our team of creative experts can take your white-paper to the next level with magazine-style layouts, design elements, and modern typography. Let our team optimize your white-paper and make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

Why Single Origin?

We collaborate each step of the way, and meticulously craft designs that tell the story you want.

We’re ultimate professionals when it comes to graphic design and creative work. It’s imperative to know where you’re coming from to create something that is cohesive, and continues to tell the story you want, while driving performance you’ve never seen before. We understand that great ideas come from research and persistence, not momentary brilliance. Our team works transparently to turn your ideas into high-fidelity, functional designs that you’ll be proud to showcase. Each deliverable is tracked in Basecamp, ensuring you’ve got an eye on each step of the progress. As an extension of your team, we understand that full transparency is incredibly important to speed, precision, and collaboration.


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