Display Advertising and Retargeting

Recapture interest and retarget bounced individuals with Display Advertising campaigns.

Why Display Advertising?

Boost conversions and acquire new unique visitors to your website.

No matter how successful any digital business is, it has bounced users, or people who visit your site but leave before purchasing, downloading or interacting in the particular way you desire. Display advertising allows businesses like yours to recapture the interest of individuals who are already familiar with you but haven’t converted recently. Within display advertising, there are many different solutions – each addressing a different part of your sales funnel. Unlike traditional methods of acquiring new business, display advertising allows you to fine tune your messaging to unique, chosen markets. While A newspaper or television advertisement must be relevant to a large amount of viewers, Display ads can be segmented to target a small group of individuals – such as 20-30 year old single females who are using an iPad in Walnut Creek between 12am and 12pm. This hyper-targeted approach allows you to increase the percentage of relevant users who engage with your brand.


Display advertising can fill gaps in your sales funnel, and re-engage lost opportunities.

Creating a full funneled approach is imperative for all advertisers and their respective digital display strategies. With years of expertise in campaign and creative strategy, our goal is to help educate our partners around best practices focused on their specific goals. Unlike many companies in our space, our solutions and processes are flexible. We are glad to complement any existing display campaigns you already have, or build an entire strategy from scratch with you.

From our years of experience in the industry, our experts will help build your consumer engagement funnel to maximize your reach, messaging, and brand awareness in order to meet your end goals. We can craft a display plan for you that engages your audience from pre-sale to post conversion, focused on specific segments with targeted messaging at just the right moment.

Types of Campaigns

Single Origin is your one-stop-shop for all display advertising service.

Audience Targeting

Show new people your ads based on their demographic or geographic fit.

Audience targeting is a great first step to drive initial traffic to your site. Audience targeting allows you to hone in on new users while they are browsing relevant sites on the web – users who may not have already engaged with your brand. By showing ads to these individuals, you gain traction with new audiences and increase brand awareness all over the web.


Bring people back to your site who didn’t complete a purchase or download.

Retargeting is a simple, yet effective way to increase conversions and brand awareness by showing bounced users your ads after they’ve left your site. Users who are already familiar with your brand are (500%) more likely to interact with your brand again, leading to a large increase in conversions and visits. Our retargeting solution spans across a multitude of networks, ensuring that you reach your audience wherever they may go.

Email Retargeting

Send your mailing list an email, and they’ll be retargeted by ads all over the web.

Email retargeting is a great way to expand your reach beyond just your web site’s traffic. With this solution you are able to segment different email lists and deliver extremely specific banners or promotions to these groups. Like site retargeting, we are reaching an audience that has most likely engaged with your brand in the past and therefore could become a valuable, loyal group for your future display strategies.

Why Single Origin?

We seamlessly bridge the gap between strategy, campaign management and design.

For clients, this gap has a number of negative implications: We combine account management, strategy and creative direction mitigating campaign launch delays, reducing operational stress on all parties, removing additional campaign management on client and improving potential revenue losses.

  • End-to-end Digital Display Advertising Solutions
  • Hand made banners tailored to your precise campaign goals
  • World Class service experience in the digital advertising space
  • Programmatic Technology with Human optimization
A photo of Single Origin co-founder and Creative Director Ian Douglass, working on a website redesign for a client at the Single Origin office in Walnut Creek, California.

Creative Studio

We combine strategy and design, and build incredible banner ads based on your specifications.

At Single Origin, creative banner design is a part of the powerful service we offer. We believe that the partner who is managing and optimizing your campaigns should be the same partner building your ads. We know this is the most effective way to help you achieve your advertising goals and business objectives. Every banner ad created by Single Origin is hand-crafted. We infuse your brand essence into our build methodology – ensuring your brand is portrayed accurately and the creative is built for optimal performance.

We continuously test creatives to learn your optimal balance.

  • Imagery: Can be changed based on your audience, device, demographic, season, etc.
  • Taglines: Speak directly to your audience by understanding data and historical trends
  • Call-to-action: Change key language and color to help drive action


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