Local SEO Services

We help SMBs stand out with hyper local SEO services.

Why Local SEO?

Show up before your competition with Local SEO sevices.

Whenever someone runs a search for your type of business, you’ll want to show up at the top of the results list. Those first five search results alone garner 68% of all clicks, and the farther away you are from them, the harder it gets for you. 

That’s why Single Origin prioritizes local search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a lot like regular SEO, except that it’s geared toward getting your business found by people from your community — your most likely customers. The good news is that keyword competition for local geographic areas is a lot less challenging than it is for the internet as a whole. 

At Single Origin, our mission is to make sure that when someone runs a local search for your kind of business, they find you.

Local SEO Benefits

Local SEO matters more than you might think for your SMB.

It may be a global market, but people still like doing business with stores they know and can visit personally. Even if you’re not operating a brick-and-mortar shop, your geographic area is a marketing resource too precious to ignore. Long before you capture the internet at a national or global scale, you can capture it in your backyard and build a loyal customer base where you live. 

‌To improve local search results, Single Origin focuses on: 

  • Local-oriented content marketing that drives relevant traffic and conversions to your website
  • Reputation management that prioritizes your online profile and its visibility in your area, whether on Google Maps or other sites
  • Local search engine optimization for your website to drive nearby traffic your way

Local SEO is the best way to establish yourself as an influencer and expert in your community. It’s an efficient way of improving sales quickly, but only when done correctly. 

Why Single Origin?

Single Origin understands how to improve your market-share with local-specific targeting parameters.

The more important local customers are to your business, the more you need measurable and quantifiable data to track your performance marketing efforts. At Single Origin, we’re very much about the numbers. We use Google Analytics tools to build your online authority, employing thoroughly tested optimization methods to see where and how your website is working — and make changes when it’s not. 

Geographic relevance is all-important. Search queries using geographic modifiers show that, in all likelihood, the users behind them intend to visit and browse the businesses that they find. For example, people commonly search for: 

  • [Query] + City
  • [Query] + in my area
  • [Query] + near me

These and other local search modifiers have a significant impact on the results page. Having a website optimized to take advantage of search engine queries that demonstrate local intent, and being able to quantify that data usefully, maximizes your opportunity for business success. 

A photo of a person searching for "Walnut Creek Digital Agency" and finding Single Origin Media on Google while using an iphone Xs Max

How It’s Different

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Local SEO is the same as any SEO.

Single Origin uses customized SEO strategies for your area of business. Local searches have a number of variables that traditional searches don’t, like showing lists of businesses on Google Maps and displaying user reviews. Those reviews also have a powerful impact on search rankings — for you and your competitors.

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