JJ Buckley

About JJ Buckley

A pioneer in the early days of online wine retail, JJ Buckley Fine Wines remains an established leader in the world of web-based wine merchants. From their 43,000 square foot retail operation in Oakland, California, they offer premium and collectable wines, along with professional wine storage services, to discerning customers across the United States and around the world.

Display Advertising

In addition to display campaigns, Likeable Advertising provided JJ Buckley with additional creative sizing for their website which matched the banner ads. Likeable Advertising acted on behalf of JJ Buckley to create these images that normally would be created by the in house creative team. These images helped JJ Buckley create a seamless transition between their marketing and Ecommerce.

All compositions, reflections and shadows were created in-house using Photoshop with photography of each bottle done by JJ Buckley staff.

Graphic Design

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Eliana Bergman – Marketing Director

“The Single Origin team is a wonderful asset to JJ Buckley. They took the time to find out about our business, our opportunities and our challenges to then help us define a short and long term complimentary approach to our customer acquisition and awareness campaigns. I consider Ian and Noel partners. The team has been fantastic at helping us make the right choice for the return we were looking for. I deal with many vendors every day and I have to applaud Likeable for their wonderful service and quick response. They have excellent knowledge of their field, coupled with sharp business acumen and superior service and responsiveness.”

Nathalie Tremblay – CEO

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