Sennheiser SoundClub


Our team was tasked to launch campaigns to support Sennheiser’s membership offering, SoundClub. This was a new program that first launched in 2018.

Campaign Goals

Together our team’s crafted a paid digital strategy, focusing on social media channels, to help drive initial engagement and awareness for the SoundClub brand.

Initially, our campaigns were driving to SoundClub’s site for users to enter their information for the pilot program. Over several months our campaigns successfully converted users to paid subscriptions for the brand.

Digital Strategy

We utilized complex social campaign strategies to maximize reach and performance. Our account management team leveraged several campaigns sequences in order to serve a user a specific ad/ad set at a certain point in their buying cycle. Our team also heavily A/B tested videos, ad imagery, and copy to help optimize performance based on historical data.

“A Seamless Experience…

“Working with Single Origin was a seamless experience. Their team was extremely responsive and knowledgeable in digital advertising – especially in social media. They quickly immersed themselves to be an extension of our team and understood our market, audience, and offerings within the first few weeks of our engagement. It was a pleasure partnering with them on these campaigns and I’d highly recommend them for anything related to digital marketing + advertising.”

— Sonny Wauters, Sennheiser


By testing several audiences and demographics at the launch of our campaigns, we were able to quickly identify specific demographic groups and audiences that performed best.

The campaign launch was extremely successful and both our teams could not have been more pleased with the results.

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