How Web Development Services Can Expand Your Online Business

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Whether you’re a new business just starting out, or an established entity looking to expand your reach, your online presence goes a lot farther than just a pretty website and some photos. You need to maintain that online presence, optimize it, and nurture it with all the right tools and strategies. That’s where San Francisco web design comes in. 

Web design is part of a bigger umbrella of web development services, all of which serve to improve your digital presence and drive higher ROI. In a nutshell, web development is the building and maintenance of websites over the long-term – essentially it’s all about the work that happens behind the scenes to ensure your website looks amazing, works fast and performs well, resulting in a seamless user experience. 

Particularly if you’re a new business, your first publicity comes through your website. To that end, your website is much more than just an electronic interface – it’s one of the first branding and marketing tools you will use. From an online marketing perspective, your website is of critical importance, and you can’t ignore website design and development when kickstarting or revitalizing your business.

It all boils down to usability, particularly as it relates to your site’s responsiveness, design quality, and load speed. The stats don’t lie: 93 percent of people have left a website because it didn’t display correctly on their device, 90 percent of people have left a website due to poor design, and 93 percent of people have left because a website didn’t load quickly enough for them.

These stats showcase the vital importance of usability for your website’s long-term success.

Benefits of Working With a Web Developer

From positive customer experiences to enhanced brand identity, there are many advantages to working with a San Francisco web design firm.

1. Seamless Navigation

It’s imperative that your visitors breeze through your website effortlessly. Any difficulty in finding the pages they need will detract from their experience. When you hire a good web developer, their actions will ensure your customers are able to browse through your site without incident. Positive user experience is essential if you want to retain and convert.

2. Appealing Graphics and Additional Features

Your website should be customized, not cookie-cutter, in order to establish your professionalism. Your web developer can integrate visual graphics and additional features that help you stand out from the crowd. This will ensure your small business website interface leaves a positive impression that drives results, says Forbes.

3. Responsive Websites

The usability of your site will determine its success within the competitive environment. Most websites are mobile-friendly, or responsive, with research revealing that 72% of people want websites that are mobile-friendly. Knowing that many of your users will be accessing your site through a mobile device, you need to implement a cross-device compatible website to broaden your customer base.

Before and After photo of Website Design, completed by Single Origin Media, a performance based digital marketing agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.

4. Optimized ROI

A well-maintained website optimizes your ROI. When customers feel more comfortable with the navigation and design of your site, they are more likely to stick with your brand and become loyal followers. To get those customers to your door, you have to target them. This is also part of a web developer’s job: to consider the psychological aspects and tastes of your customers while implementing the designing of the site backed by an organized and targeted approach.

5. Enhanced Brand Identity

A well-developed and designed site will enhance your brand identity and establish credibility. Remember, the most successful brands set trends with their website designs!

6. Marketing and Sales

To boost sales, you have to promote your brand with a consistent online presence. Only then can your brand effectively market its products, solutions and services to your target audience. To that end, a compelling website adds marketing value and becomes an asset for your business.

7. Vision and Business Strategy

Building a website involves much more than the ability to code, design and maintain site quality. Reputable web developers have focused foresight and always consider the vision and business strategy of a company during all phases of design. Web development should never be an afterthought, but an innate process of expanding your company.

Your website has a direct impact on your online reputation, customer service, and – ultimately – your success. Easy navigation…instant assistance…captivating interface…overall positive experience: these are all things your visitors expect. A well-developed and designed site will bring a greater degree of comfort and convenience to your customers, positively influencing your brand image.

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