About Single Origin
Established January 1st, 2014

We optimize brands through strategy, design and digital marketing.

We’re a full service creative and marketing agency located in Walnut Creek, California. Single Origin specializes in the strategy, management, and execution of successful, end-to-end digital marketing solutions for all types of brands. With over 75 years of collective experience in digital marketing and design, we’ve designed and managed thousands of successful advertising campaigns and dozens of beautiful websites that have driven results for our clients.

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We wanted to build an agency model where clients knew they mattered and our work was connected to their success.

Walnut Creek digital marketing agency
Our Mantra

So, what does Single Origin mean?

Single Origin commonly refers to coffee, and in particular a coffee sourced from a single geographic location. While we certainly love coffee, we don’t grow it. In our eyes, Single Origin refers to the relationship between client and partner — How we come from the same place as you. As your partner, we are part of your team, and we take accountability for our work as if this were the case. Our designers, account managers, SEO specialists, and production team have one focus — to deliver the best service and product to meet, or exceed, your goals. That’s Single Origin to us — being part of the same team.


We take partnership very seriously.

Avg. Partnership Length
Longest Client Tenure
Cumulative Experience

We’ve seen some action.

(And we’re ready for more…)

— 2014

  • Likeable Consulting Started 1/1 Seattle
  • Launched V1 website
  • Signed first client Feb 2014
  • Became profitable May 2014

— 2015

  • Launched V2 website
  • Doubled client roster
  • Tripled MoM revenue
  • Improved partnership relations / capabilities

— 2016

  • Launched standalone creative services
  • Increased client roster 75% over 2015
  • Tripled Agency programs
  • Built 1000th Banner Ad

— 2017

  • Launched V3 website
  • Started offering fully managed and optimized SEO / SEM / PPC programs
  • Started offering HTML5 ads

— 2018

  • Launched V3 website
  • Launched Motion Offerings
  • Began offering customized dashboard

— 2019

  • Single Origin brand created
  • Launched V4 website

It’s game time.

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