Founder and CEO Noel Ledesma reviewing Google Analytics data from PPC and SEO campaigns for a client.

Our goal is to be the only marketing agency you’ll ever need.

Since 2014, we’ve created powerful go-to-market strategies, impressive website redesigns and effective digital marketing that’s helped our clients grow their headcount, revenue and profitability.

Single Origin is an end-to-end creative and marketing agency located in Walnut Creek, California. We specialize in the strategy, management, and execution of successful digital marketing campaigns for all types of brands. Whether you’re a local business looking to grow your footprint, or an enterprise Fortune 500 company looking to dominate your vertical, we’re here to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. Our team of experts becomes your team of experts, and we craft strategies that are specifically tailored to meet each business’ unique goals. We help clients understand what they should be doing to see success and then help them get there by providing the activities behind the strategy.

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A digital marketing agency where clients can feel they matter and our success is connected to their success.

Walnut Creek digital marketing agency

Single Origin’s goal is to become an extension of your team, operating with your best interest in mind.

While we certainly love coffee, we don’t grow it. In our eyes, Single Origin refers to the relationship between client and partner — How we come from the same place as you. As your partner, we are part of your digital marketing team, and we take accountability for our work as if this were the case. Our website designers, account managers, SEO specialists, and production team have one focus — to deliver the best service and product to meet, or exceed, your goals. That’s Single Origin to us — being part of your team for the long term.


Single Origin, like many other digital marketing agencies in California, offers a suite of activities that can help drive ROI for your company. Just like other agencies, we offer SEO, PPC, Digital Strategy, Website Redesign, and everything you’ll need to have a robust, successful digital marketing presence.

How Single Origin differs from other agencies is our approach, our agility, and our experience.

A holistic approach to your digital marketing

At Single Origin, we take into account all the different channels you’re on, activities you’re doing, and goals you have as a company. Our goal is to fit precisely within the spaces that you need help. If you’re a small business that has a full-time digital marketer but no designer, we can offer a scalable design engagement that will help provide your marketing team with all the assets they need. If you’re a growing SaaS company without a strong sales process, we can help you set up the appropriate drip campaign, lead funnels, and evergreen content to make your sales conversations easier and more fruitful. We craft a marketing strategy and program around where you need it.

An agile team ready to scale

We’re a lean digital marketing agency, but don’t let that fool you – our size allows us to pivot around your needs quickly. Whether you need a short term PPC burst or seasonal campaign, or quick turn-around website redesign project, our team is eager to knock it out of the park. We’re able to scale with your team’s unique needs, saving you time and money over hiring your own team of experts that may take months to find and onboard.

10 years of experience and counting

In the agency world, 10 years is a lifetime. Our digital marketing and advertising roots trace back to the early 2010s with programmatic display advertising. Since then, we’ve grown, expanded our services, and honed our ability to work directly with your team as an extension. We understand how to plan, pace, and complete projects without the hand-holding and act in your best interest as your one-stop marketing shop.

Most of our client relationships last well over 3 years, with some tracing back almost 10 to the start of our business. We love to dig ourselves into our client’s businesses and become a trusted marketing and design advisor for them. Our goal is to adapt along with our clients to changing markets and emerging technologies, allowing our clients visibility into what the future holds.

We love working with companies that we can interact with face to face, but we’re not limited to just working with local companies. Whether you’re looking for local SEO in Walnut Creek, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, California or even just the United States as a whole, we love working with great people regardless of where they’re located. Some of our most successful digital campaigns have targeted audiences all over the USA. Looking for a geographically targeted PPC campaign for your local zip codes? Our team are experts at maximizing the effectiveness of your digital marketing no matter where you’re located.

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