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We’ve helped companies like yours get more cases, increase new retainers, and take their marketing to unprecedented levels.

We’re More Than An Agency

We help Law Firms like yours grow by helping you understand what success is and how we’re going to get you there; We operate as your Fractional CMO.


More Consultation Requests

Just from Organic Search


More Website Traffic

Just from Organic Search


Increase In New Retainers

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Always Focused on ROI

Digital Marketing can provide your law firm with a steady flow of new clients and help generate incredible ROI when you have the strategy for success.

We help firms like yours get cases other firms can’t through dominating the search landscape with an effective, tailored digital marketing strategy. In 2017, 1 in 3 legal firm clients started their search online. In 2021, that number jumped to almost 2 out of 3Such a sharp increase in less than 4 years highlights the importance of having not only a well-designed website, but also one that ranks well in relevant search results

At Single Origin, we specialize in what law school never taught you — How to market your law firm to generate a consistent pipeline of prospective clients and close more contracts.

Why Single Origin?

We’re a team of SEO, design, and business experts who operate as your Fractional CMO for the cost of an internal marketing manager.

As a full-service web design and marketing agency, law firms benefit by having a turn-key solution for all website, organic, and paid initiatives with a single partner. Single Origin’s extensive background has resulted in driving serious growth for our legal clients.

Delivering exceptional results for our clients means limiting who we work with. We consider our clients our partners. As such, you’ll have direct access to our senior leadership and executive team. We operate seamlessly with your organization, fitting in where you need the most assistance — From research to strategy, from management to execution, from thought to design. Let our digital marketing and SEO experts help your law firm climb to the top of the rankings and beyond.

A 360° Marketing Plan

Single Origin combines everything you’ll need into our 360° Marketing, ensuring your company has everything you need for success under one roof — Yours.

Strategy & Planning


Your Fractional CMO

Our team acts as your CMO, creating a bespoke marketing strategy around your short and long term business goals. We create a 6 to 12 month roadmap including content, channels, and activities aimed at hitting your goals.


Research & Unique Strategy

We meet with your stakeholders and run our proven onboarding process. This ramps up our knowledge of your unique business and market, and allows us to find where your company can fit into the appropriate keyword universe and where we can be the most successful online.


6-12 Month Strategy & Roadmap

We approach every engagement as a long term investment in your business and it’s success. We plan out a minimum of 6-12 months in advance, from content schedule to optimizations, to make sure that your roadmap aligns with your goals.

Marketing Execution & Activities


Website Design & Redesign

Whether you’re in need of a fresh website design, or a customized website redesign, our in-house design team identifies the look and feel that will achieve your desired results, and is integrated with our Development team and SEO experts, meaning that your specific feedback turns into specific design.


PPC Campaigns

Our PPC experts work around your business goals to identify low hanging fruit that we can drive immediate results for. We optimize your PPC weekly and make sure it’s driving the results you need to have serious ROI.


SEO Campaigns

Our in-house SEO experts manage your website and SEO optimizations, and ensure that your SEO health is tracking towards your long term goals. Our SEO team and Design team work hand in hand to ensure a seamless integration of design and performance.

Reporting & ROI


KPIs & ROI Reporting

Our entire leadership team meets with your company once a month and reports back how we’re trending towards your goals. We can leverage your CRM data to get really specific numbers on what results Marketing is driving, and work with you to identify what leads are actually quality, and which aren’t.


Proactivity & Optimizations

We make weekly, monthly, and quarterly adjustments proactively to make sure we’re always improving. Our goal is to never sit still, and always prove greater and greater ROI. The sky is the limit.


We feel passionately that our client’s successes are our successes.


Lawyers and Law Firms are just like any other digital business — They require a good Search Engine presence in order to drive new leads into their business. In the past decades, being in the right Yellow Pages, or public listing, may have driven the bulk of cases for a Law Firm. In 2023, businesses rely on a digital presence more than ever. How you rank on Google, and other search engines, can determine how successful a Law Firm or Attorney you are. That’s where we come in — Single Origin can help identify gaps in your digital presence, and build a plan to improve them all. Whether you have a poorly designed website, or lack of a content or backlink strategy, Single Origin is the partner to help.

Single Origin are experts with website redesigns. While sometimes starting from scratch can be the best, other times, simply redesigning a Firm’s/Attorney’s website can deliver a substantial improvement in performance. From loading pages faster, to being mobile optimized, a website redesign can help your firm capitalize on traffic that you’re already getting but aren’t converting. Single Origin also offers website conversion rate optimization, which means we take what you already have, perform a technical and best practices analysis, and discover ways to optimize your website to make a lasting positive impact on performance.

We’ve created thousands of campaigns and helped hundreds of companies maximize their potential online. But any SEO company can get backlinks, or add fancy keywords. Any web agency can build you a website that will “look” good.

The difference with Single Origin is that we combine our decades of experience, deep understanding of both the digital industry and best practices, and we understand what law firms and lawyers need to make them successful. This experience is clear when speaking to us about how to set up your firm for long-term success. We’ll come up with a strategy specific to your firm’s goals and weak spots, create a roadmap for success, and execute the day to day for you.

Success at Single Origin means several things. Firstly, and most importantly, success means ROI. It’s our #1 priority to ensure you are getting return on your marketing dollars. We’ll work with you to understand what leads came from our campaigns and align those leads to dollars closed in your CRM of choice. Through our onboarding, we learn your consultation to case flow, and help you understand how your investment is turning into real dollars on the back end.

Secondly, success means growth. We’re never happy with just hitting a plateau and sitting there. We actively seek ways to improve your ROI, campaigns, and profitability month after month. It’s part of our Marketing DNA — That we are always working on improvement, regardless of what results you’re seeing — And that’s proactive.

Thirdly, success means creating long lasting partnerships built on trust, flexibility, and an understanding of our clients businesses. We strive to be long term partners with every client we partner with, so that your success becomes our success.

The term Fractional CMO has become more popular in recent years, but it can be somewhat unclear. We define Fractional to mean part time, and CMO obviously to mean Chief Marketing Officer. What this means for your firm, is that you get a part time VP level marketing team, often for less than the monthly cost of having a full time Marketing manager.

Additionally, that Marketing Manager is only one person, and can only do so much. On many projects at Single Origin, there are between 4 and 6 individuals working on the project. This translates into the performance of having an entire team of marketing experts driving direction for your business, for a fraction of the cost.

Not only is there a direct comparison with monthly cost, but also in the amount of energy and resources that go into hiring the right person. As a law firm, how do you even know who actually has quality experience and is going to make a real difference in your business? Single Origin eliminates all this, and gives you a single source for any aspect of digital marketing you need. We act as your CMO, pushing your campaigns forward towards success without your heavy involvement.

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