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Regardless of whether you’re a small, medium, or large business — your website plays a critical role in your success. Work directly with our team of website redesign experts to redesign your website and optimize it for the best performance it can achieve.

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Our redesigns have completely changed how our clients look at their websites; turning them into lead-generating, deal-closing masterpieces.

We have tracked and measured real-world, tangible improvement in the quality of leads clients are getting, in the amount of leads that fill out forms on their websites, and the size of deals they close from website traffic. All of these are byproducts of a great website redesign focused on conversion-rate optimization, improving branding power, and decreasing barriers to entry.


Improvement in Form Submissions


More Website Conversions


More Pages Visited per User


Decrease in Bounce Rate

*Some results included the addition of SEO and managed campaigns

When you work with us,
our team becomes your team.

Single Origin acts as your Fractional Design team, helping drive results but not drive up costs.


All the expertise and execution you need, with just one vendor.

Whether you need Copywriting, Design, Development or Campaigns like Google Ads — Our team can handle anything you would need from a full-time marketing team.


A full creative team for less than the cost of one employee.

Every client receives the power of an entire marketing department, but for a fraction of the cost. Don’t worry about hiring, payroll, or benefits — Just the results.


You'll always have a single touchpoint - no more handoffs.

No matter the size of your project, we assign team members to your account permanently. That means the relationship you develop with them stays put.


Your KPIs are our KPIs - We build around your goals.

Some clients work with us for years, others months. We understand that your goals are unique to you, and we’ll build a plan to maximize our time together!

Website redesign can improve your website’s performance without the hassle or cost of a full website design.

Website redesign can be a cost effective solution for companies who don’t want to reinvent the wheel. If you’re happy with how your website looks, but just need it to perform better, our website redesign services can identify areas of improvement and provide you with a roadmap to address those conversion roadblocks.

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Design, copywriting, development and launch — Single Origin is a one-stop shop for your website redesign project.

Stop dealing with multiple vendors to manage all of your marketing and design needs. Single Origin provides you with a one-stop shop for everything marketing and design. Working with us means that you are one email or phone call away from an answer at any time. And best of all, if your project has something it’s missing, we’re all here under one roof working together.

Website Redesign FAQs

A website redesign project can vary greatly in its size and complexity. While a full website design project may still share the same goals, a website redesign can focus in on particular goals or areas that you want to address. This means that you save money and time by directly addressing the root cause of your website performance issue, rather than in other superfluous areas that don’t need help. A website redesign could end up being a full website design project, it just depends on your business goals and what you decide to tackle within the project.

Improving how your business’s website looks is great, but what really matters is how those changes affect your bottom line. We use tools like HotJar, Google Analytics, and Hubspot to measure the real impact of our work on our client’s success. We extract meaningful insights from this data and combine it with real observations by your team, and better understand how these changes are impacting lead generation and lead quality. We often find that through lead scoring, that clients see a real tangible improvement in the quality of leads after a redesign or marketing efforts that is measurable in real dollars, and not just what we feel or think.

A website redesign can be as simple as manipulating the theme of your website, or tackling small changes across the site that make a big impact. Think of your website like a house; sometimes it’s amazing just how much a new coat of paint will transform how a house looks on the outside. This is the same as a website — Sometimes just 5 or 10 hours of work can substantially improve how your website looks and performs, compared to the 50-100 hours required for a full website design. That means that here at Single Origin, you would be looking in the range of $1,250 to $5,000 for a dramatic improvement in performance compared to $10,000 to $50,000 for a full design project.

Because of our holistic nature as a one-stop design and marketing shop, we always take a strategy-first approach. We provide potential clients with a no-obligation, complimentary consultation around areas that we can help them improve, and then build an itemized plan to help them achieve those goals. We can look at your Google Analytics and CRM data and make inferences on what needs to change; We call this CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimization. Given our extensive experience in marketing and design, we can easily spot areas of improvement without necessarily fully auditing your website. If you need help understanding what’s going on with your site, feel free to schedule a totally complimentary consultation with our experts.

Depending on the scope of the project, a website redesign can take anywhere from 15 to 90 days. We often see projects like this taking around 45-60 days for a medium sized redesign project. The great thing about projects taking this amount of time is that payment scheduling can be broken up into multiple months for clients, easing the financial burden even more. Website redesign can be faster though – as we’ve seen projects take as little as two weeks with lighter scope.

No; SEO and marketing is an additional project and not included in website redesigns. You don’t need to be doing any marketing or Google Ads to see value in a website redesign. But to maximize the effectiveness of any website design project, we highly recommend pairing website work with marketing campaigns to reach your target audience. Not only does this improve your lead generation efforts, but will provide you with real-world data on how the website changes have affected your marketing effectiveness in less time. By driving more people to your site quickly, we can speed up the process that may take months into just a few weeks. We often find PPC campaigns or SEO to pair very well with website design and redesign projects.

There are no minimums when it comes to website redesign projects at Single Origin. We can spend an hour, or 100, and are happy to help regardless of your company size or project budget. We’ll always be honest about whether or not the changes you can afford will actually improve performance or not, as sometimes client’s budgets do not match their performance expectations. We’ll always be sure to tell you how it is, and not what you may want to hear.

We’re comfortable working in almost any web design CMS, from WordPress to WebFlow to even Hubspot or Squarespace. Our knowledge really lies in how to improve your site and we’ve worked on websites like yours for over a decade. We’re able to speak multiple coding languages, but really love when a website is easy for your team to use – so we always love a good WordPress or Webflow project. We’re even happy to work on totally custom HTML sites depending on their size and complexity. Schedule a consultation to discuss your project and if it’s a good fit for our team.

It’s time your website started working for you.