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As April quickly approaches, this month has been a stark reminder of how fragile life can be — and how the world as we know it can shift overnight. 

At Single Origin, our executive team has held several internal Zoom meetings the past couple of weeks discussing how to better service our clients, community, and those we care about during this difficult time. As a result, we have created a preliminary course of action to offer what we can to help those most in need. It’s undoubtedly clear that dealing with COVID-19 in the coming weeks and months ahead will bring financial and emotional distress to most everyone. Our team sees this as a call to action to rise up to the challenge and assist those using our expertise as a digital marketing firm.

A photo of digital signage in San Francisco during the COVID-19 pandemic, relating to the Single Origin covid-19 social media advertising guides

For Our Community

We have decided that Single Origin will donate a percentage of profits from February to Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s “Eat. Learn. Play.” Foundation. We have selected this foundation for the work they do in our community, especially in Oakland, helping provide food to families — especially during this crisis.

For Our Clients

We are rolling out a program to offer free design work for 5-10 custom images that can be used in a multitude of ways across various platforms, such as display ads, social media imagery, e-mail newsletters, website graphics, etc. Normally, our standard rates for these deliverables would range between $1,000 and $2,000. Understanding that budgets and resources will be reduced and limited in the upcoming weeks, rather than do less, we want to do more. Our company has thrived for seven years because of our clients and partners. It’s our small way of giving back to our network that has lifted us up to the organization we have become.

For other small businesses and prospects we have connected with in the past, we will offer free 30-minute consultations with our executive team. We want to help strategize with anyone that needs assistance for their digital marketing or design strategies. The goal is to help small business owners navigate the next few months with a sound strategy to avoid falling behind. We can help these businesses understand how to pivot their messaging, adjust their strategy, and minimize lost traction.

We will be rolling out new content and landing pages for the initiatives I have mentioned above over the next few weeks. Although difficult times are ahead, we recognize the power of sharing knowledge and providing resources at a significantly discounted rate to help continue driving business forward.

Image of a quote from Noel Ledesma, CEO and co-founder of Single Origin Media, "Understanding that budgets and resources will be reduced and limited in the upcoming weeks, rather than do less, we want to do more."

The Power of Collaboration

Our team is a resilient bunch, and we’re proud of the work we’ve created over the last 7 years. If I’ve learned anything from experiencing several disasters that have decimated communities, like my years in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, is that the power of people joining forces towards a common good can overcome any obstacle or setback. These tough, unprecedented times will pass, and we are committed to being a resource for anyone in need.

Reach Out To Us

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or concerns at 925-289-8879 or email us at info@singleorigin.co.

Be well and stay healthy!

Noel Ledesma

CEO and Co-Founder of Single Origin

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