Wireless ultrasound startup Vave wanted to set themselves apart from their market with new design system.

About Vave

Vave is a health-tech startup that designs and manufactures a handheld ultrasound tool that’s easy to carry around and can connect wirelessly to smartphones or tablets. It’s designed to give healthcare professionals and students more flexibility in providing care, no matter where they are; the hospital, playing field, or remote areas. Vave offers a simpler and more flexible option compared to traditional ultrasound machines. It’s been redesigned with the end-user in mind, so it’s easy to hold and use from different angles, making intuitive to use ergonomically. Vave is currently headquartered in San Jose, California.

Project Duration:

10 days


Website Visual Design & Strategy
Design System
Content & Copywriting
Brand Evolution

An Apple Macbook Air featuring the website redesign of the Vave Health homepage, by Single Origin.

Project Goal

Vave’s ultrasound market was becoming a bit more saturated than in years past, and they were looking to stand out amongst their peers. They challenged us to develop a brand that was memorable, helped visually articulate their mission, and to be an evolution of their current brand without losing the equity they’ve already established.

Our design strategy focused around adding playfulness, curating images and compositions that felt authentic, and creating a user experience that was intuitive and easy to understand. We added found objects throughout to showcase the scale of the wireless probe, and leveraged oversized type in an editorial style to bring the brand down to earth.

We also worked with Vave stakeholders to rewrite much of the headline copy of the site, making it easier to understand their value props at a glance. Lastly, the page design was focused on conversion rate optimization and improved way-finding to allow users to get where they wanted to go easily.

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