6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Web Design Agency

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If you ever doubt the need for professional San Francisco web design, consider this 2019 report from Hootsuite and We Are Social: — People around the world spend an average of six hours and 49 minutes online every day. They’re shopping, connecting with others, researching and making vital decisions, all online. 

It’s no secret that your business has to have a solid online presence, and there’s no better way to do that than through your own professionally-designed website. However, many businesses just starting out neglect the importance of a web site due to budget and time limitations. The fact is, a website should be priority #1 for small business owners. Here’s why.

1. Branding

Creating and conveying your brand is critical. Just like a product conveys branding through attractive packing, your website also needs to convey an overall impression of professionalism for your enterprise. A strong website design will complement and enhance your company’s image and provide the backdrop for all your other marketing efforts. When you apply brand language and visual identity consistently, your company image is further strengthened.

2. Credibility

You create trust in your brand when you have a strong website. Just having a domain name and professional design is enough to lend credibility to your image. On top of that, you can publish articles and case studies to convince users of your expertise as well as a way to establish authority and thought leadership within your specific niche.

3. Accessibility 

To be found by potential customers, you have to go where they are. There’s a reason why so many companies invest in websites with SEO: 97 percent of people head online to find a local business that offers what they need, with 93 percent of online experiences starting with a search engine. There are 5.6 billion searches on Google every day, which means someone in your area is online right now and searching for the type of product or service you offer.

According to “The Digital Consumer Study,” 63 percent of consumers utilize a company’s website to locate and engage with a business.

A photo of Single Origin co-founder and Creative Director Ian Douglass, working on a website redesign for a client at the Single Origin office in Walnut Creek, California.

4. Productivity

In addition to eCommerce functions and brilliant design, you can use your website to add functionality and convenience for your users. Restaurants, for example, can take online reservations, hair salons can offer online appointments available in various time slots, etc. This is not only convenient for your customers because they don’t have to pick up the phone and call or hassle with waiting in line at your establishment, it’s also convenient for you as a company because it saves you time and energy. Let your website work for you!

5. Leads, Sales and Revenue Generation

As a business, you can’t grow unless you’re making money. For B2C companies, eCommerce solutions will reduce the manpower and resources necessary for selling your products. And for B2B businesses, you can increase your sales from increased leads that are coming in via your online forms. A website with a prominent Call to Action is key.

Your website should not only bring in web traffic through SEO tactics, but it should also convert those visitors to customers once they get there.

6. Online Business Card

Business cards used to be a key sales and marketing tool, and still are to some degree. But websites are the new calling card for businesses. Not only do they introduce your business to potential customers, they tell everyone how they can contact you and buy your product or service. 

In fact, if used in the right way, your website can be so much more than just a business card. It can act as your portfolio, your brochure, your catalog, and more. If you skimp on the design, go with a minimal presence, or try to create your own cookie cutter template, you’re actually harming your business and missing out on valuable opportunities.

A strong, professional website is one that is:

  • Visually appealing, engaging and impactful
  • User-friendly 
  • Informative 
  • Representative of your brand
  • Positioned to convert visitors into customers

Partnering with a company that is skilled in San Francisco web design is imperative in order to fuel your growing business.

A beautiful photo of Website Design for Midwest Accounting and Incito Consulting, designed by Single Origin Media, digital design and performance marketing experts.

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